Terms of Service

Terms & Conditions of Our Services:

  1. CCM Toronto Centre Legal Clinic (“Legal Clinic”) provides legal consultation, advice and referral services only. Unless specifically agreed upon in writing, the Legal Clinic does not provide legal representation. No lawyer-client relationship is established by reason of submitting the Intake Form.
  2. The Legal Clinic does not accept all applications. While the Legal Clinic is mandated to serve applicants who meet its income and assets requirements, the Legal Clinic retains full discretion on whether it wishes to accept an applicant.
  3. The purpose of the Intake Call or Meeting is to better understand an applicant’s situation so that the applicant can make an informed legal decision. The applicant may receive consultation by a volunteer lawyer commissioned by the Legal Clinic or a referral to other lawyers, community legal clinics or social service agencies.
  4. An applicant cannot receive services from the Legal Clinic in respect of a matter if the applicant has already hired someone to provide him/her with legal services in relation to the same matter.
  5. Any information an applicant provides for the Legal Clinic’s evaluation of his/her case is true, complete and accurate.
  6. Any information an applicant provides is confidential and the Legal Clinic will not use it to harm the applicant or his/her interests in any way. Any information an applicant provides will be shared with the Legal Clinic staff and advisory members, applicable CCM staff and volunteers, and any third parties to help the Legal Clinic better address the applicant’s needs, share best practices or make referrals on the applicant’s behalf.
  7. The Legal Clinic is a Christian-based service and so any advice given to the applicant by the Legal Clinic may go beyond legal advice to include alternative dispute resolution and faith-based spiritual advice such as prayer, counselling services, and other supportive services. Nevertheless, the applicant is free to refuse any advice.
  8. Applicants must release the Legal Clinic and CCM and all its employees, volunteers, board members, advisory members, representatives, agents, servants, successors, and assigns of CCM including but not limited to those at the CCM Toronto Centre Legal Clinic, from any liability for any services received.