About Us

Facing a legal problem can often be a crisis in one’s life, and will take a toll on the mental, emotional and spiritual health of anyone who finds legal assistance beyond their means. Unfortunately, affordable legal assistance and access to justice is limited in Canada, and there are currently no Christian legal aid clinics in Canada.

Established in 2021, we are a group of Christian lawyers, paralegals, law clerks and professionals of other disciplines who respond to Christ’s calling to serve our fellow neighbours and communities, regardless of their faith backgrounds, who need accessible legal assistance in their personal challenges and be a voice for the oppressed.


To serve the legal needs of resource-limited communities in the Greater Toronto Area by connecting them with the legal and holistic resources God has given to CCM Canada and communities in general.


A consortium of Christian legal professionals defending the rights of the poor and destitute following the principles in the Bible.

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Services & Objectives

Legal Consultation

To support resource-limited individuals in accessing justice.

Legal Education

To help individuals with legal problems understand their rights and take steps to resolve their problems and navigate through the legal system.

Holistic Support

To provide, or coordinate the provision of, emotional, social, mental and spiritual support to those who are coping with legal challenges.